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05 February 2006 

Things I found when looking for my other #10 needle

Eyeliner I do not recall buying
A pack of Claritin
Two forks
A full skein of yarn*
Hello Kitty lip gloss
Empty beer bottles with cool import labels I'd meant to remove and save
A calculator
The booklet for Knights of the Old Republic
A tealight candle
A utility knife
Fox Mulder action figures (2; no clue where the corresponding Scullies are)
Lots of empty CD cases
Silver acrylic paint
Five (!) lipsticks (which I never wear)
Wizard and Glass by Stephen King
A paintbrush
Black nail polish
A rubber duckie

No #10. The other one isn't lonely, though. It's sitting in my pencil basket.

*Inexplicably, under my mattress. I'd been looking for it once in a while to make a scarf for my mother. Beautiful robin's egg blue. The downside? Too bulky for anything but the 10's.

all those things sound very fun to find. Did you ever find your needle???

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