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08 May 2006 

updating like...something that updates

INCENSE! My new passion.

Also, I've finally decided to shove it and make what I want to make and target the people I want to target. Namely, occultists. (Well, and hippies.) So yes, I'm planning things like:

-Binding into hardback some hard-to-find stuff: The Goetia, The Black Pullet, etc etc

-Stuff aimed at chaotes: Fill-in-the-blank interchangeable planetary seals (also good for large tic tac toe games), some crazy divination stuff based on systems that aren't really used, etc etc

-Stuff for Discordians. The God-A-Day Calendar project needs to get underway...

Good for you! Hippies are my target market also ;)

I LOVE incense.

Hah, I started making it because I burn so much of it...if I sell some, I almost break even!

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