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16 May 2006 

waiter there is a moose in my soup

Slowly getting used to this whole Blogger thing. (What can I say, I'm an LJ girl.) I've added a new template (yay) and I'm starting a few linky lists. If you want to be added to them, drop a comment.


-Any Etsy blog, craft-related site, whatever like that for list #1. (So long as it doesn't suck.)

-Any store, Etsy shop, whatever like that which sells handmade pagan/occulty items for list #2. This DOES NOT MEAN big online stores that have handmade stuff on. This means you made a deck of Tarot cards or your coven knitted an evil blanket or something like that.

I'm starting with a few added to both. Bring on links.

LOVE your new design! Did you create it? Very mod, very sleek and it suits your work.

Nope, totally pulled it off of Blogger Templates. Hee. I'm pretty pleased with it, though.

This must be new. They've had the same ones forever. You should be pleased, it looks freaking awesome!

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